Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Online marketing, SEO, website ranking, and internet marketing are DEAD!

Online Marketing, SEO, Website Ranking for Attorneys, Lawyers, Professional Services, Best Businesses and Much More....

SEO & Internet Marketing are DEAD!


What you believed about website ranking and online marketing are dead. Gone are the days that you can get your website in top search results just by optimizing your site, adding some high value links, and performing traditional SEO "work". 

Yes, those are good things to do, but they (yes, the proverbial "they" as in all the "professionals" out there included) cannot keep up.

But don't worry [and this isn't the typical "we'll save you pitch"] there are things you can do. In fact, if you have the time, you can easily control your search results, website ranking and much more.
On this site, we're going to give you information to help you get what you want and need, RANK!

  • Every business needs visitors (or customers). Online, this would be eyes on your site, or clicks to your site. Seems obvious to us that this number could only grow with the increased exposure of a higher page rank. 
  • There are many factors that can affect rank. To name a few of which we feel are very important:
  1. Original Content
  1. Video Content
  1. Strong links
  1. Multiple platforms
  1. Strong social brand and connections
  1. And yes, some value added through proper engineering and SEO.

What Does it Mean for YOU?:

We'll describe and help you follow what has allowed us massive success in online marketing, ranking, and optimal results for all that we do. We've created several entities that work in harmony to quickly achieve our desired website ranking results. In fact, that's why we're here. 

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We KNOW it works, and it works so well that we'll even give it all to you, FREE OF CHARGE!
http://www.MediaVizual.com  http://www.LinkOrganic.com the best online marketing and visibility to specific stop me\Peruse the pages of our site as we delve into the engineering of what we call the ArcNet (our proprietary engineering "Organic Machine", our MVP or maximum viable product as detailed in our BlogPod (again, proprietary), our massive video library and how to rank and engineer video online (YouTube, Vimeo, and even syndication if you're feeling spry) - we found it easiest to create, edit, post and engineer all our original content with MediaVizual (not proprietary - just a company we run). 

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Choose an experienced Atlanta, GA Personal Injury Lawyer or Law Firm. Don't just choose the first one that comes to your mind. Do some research for yourself, for the safety of your future.

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We can help with Global to Local search results, email integration, branding, lead/squeeze/landing pages and much more. 
Please bear with us, it's taken about five years to harness what we've done, but as with most things...we've put in the time, late nights and manual labor so that we now dominate organic search results...and so can you!